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Which graze cream really does cut it?

The Daily Mail ran a fascinating article on Tuesday 6th July discussing the first-aid staples they turn to for minor cuts and burns. Whilst most of the creams they turn to are more traditional chemically based antiseptic creams, they rated our Best Selling Activon 100% Manuka Honey tube, as an impressive 9/10.

Their Expert’s Verdict – Dr Kristina Semkova from the Cadogan Clinic, says, “There is impressive scientific evidence to support the use of medical-grade manuka honey – which means it contains a high amount of naturally antibacterial methylglyoxal – to accelerate wound healing”. Dr Semkova continued, “Its acidic pH encourages the skin’s damage-repairing fibroblast cells to multiply faster and rebuild tissue. Manuka Honey also absorbs moisture, which dehydrates bacteria and reduces infection rates.”

For the full article outling their 9 amazing graze creams, click here

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