Bee pollen is filled with honey. This forms a pollen.

Is it better to take Royal Jelly as a liquid or powder?

We’re often asked whether it’s better to take Royal Jelly in a liquid form or a powder form.  There are a few things to consider so in this blog we’ll outline the choices so you can choose what works for you.

First though, what is Royal Jelly? 

Royal Jelly is a unique food source exclusively for the Queen Bee which is designed to help her with fertility and a long and healthy life.  It’s packed full of rich in key amino acids and vitamins, especially the B Vitamins & Folic Acid.  It is believed that Royal Jelly is particularly beneficial for women.

So, which form is more effective?

Royal Jelly in its natural state is in liquid form – that’s how the Queen Bee consumes it, so does it make more sense to take it in powder form? 

Royal Jelly powder is freeze-dried at the source which results in some of its benefits being lost during the production process (just because of the nature of the processing). Whereas with the Royal Jelly in liquid form, nothing has been taken away and it’s still in its natural state, just as nature intended, albeit in a soft gel capsule format.

There’s not enough of a drop off in effectiveness of a powder or liquid capsule format, although the liquid is closer to its natural state, but there may be other things to consider. 

You may prefer to take a capsule with powder in, rather than a capsule with liquid in – it may be easier for your digestion for the powder version, or you may prefer the ease of swallowing a soft gel liquid capsule.  Either way, you will still get the health benefits of Royal Jelly.

So, ironically, as with most choices in life, it really does come down to personal choice.

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