How to Avoid Holiday Stomach Upsets

Tips on how to avoid Holiday Stomach Upsets

Isn’t annoying when you go away on holiday and your digestion system gets upset?  The last thing you want to do is have sensitive stomach & bowels when you want to be by the pool in that swimming costume!  So here are our top tips to reduce the chance of an incident:

  1. Avoid ICE –  in most countries Ice is made from the local water which sometimes has a different set of sterilisation and fluoridisation from home, so, Ice made from local water can upset the balance of your system.
  2. Wherever possible, drink bottled water – but don’t forget to check the seal if the bottle is put on your table, or, watch the waiter undo the bottle, that way you can ensure a seal was present which isn’t always the case in more remote parts of the world.
  3. Try to avoid too much Salad – again as much as salad is great for you and definitely something you crave when in a sunnier climb, we only suggest this because most salad ingredients are washed in local water which is different from home and may upset your balance.
  4. Be careful at the buffet cart – just be aware that a lot of buffet food can be on display for long periods of time and despite the appropriate refrigeration, in hot countries it could prove costly if you have a sensitive stomach & digestion system.  Nearly all the hotels used by UK Tour Operators & Travel Companies have regular health & safety inspections by the Travel Company as well as their own local audits, so major problems are always addressed immediately but if you have a particularly sensitive system, it may be too much.
  5. Limit Dairy products – sterilisation of dairy products like milk, cheese and cream in sunnier climbs are often different to the UK, and so if you have a sensitive stomach, bear this in mind.  You’ll soon find after your first meal how sensitive your digestion system is and you can choose your meals accordingly.
  6. Prepare before you go – it’s a great idea to have a good supply of upset stomach medication like Imodium for convenience but you can also have a natural alternative that will help slow down the whole process – Manuka Honey!  Wedderspoon Manuka Honey have some Manuka Honey snap packs that are 5g in a convenient sachet that you can use on the go. What’s even better is that the snap packs will get through UK hand baggage restrictions providing you declare it in the plastic bag you’re given at the airport for customs…..just make sure you don’t take the whole pack of 24 sachets yourself…spread them across the travellers in your group, or just have a few on hand and put the rest in your suitcase.  Way more convenient than having a pot of Manuka Honey in your bag!  Just take one snap pack and wait as the Manuka Honey enzymes work their magic!

And finally, take some re-hydration sachets with you just in case – they help to add back your natural body salts & fluid back into your system that an upset stomach can remove when you’re not very well.

Here’s to a happy holiday season.

Safe travels!

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