How does Manuka Honey help with Stomach Discomfort?

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Did you know that our stomachs contain millions of bacteria that are beneficial to both our digestion system & immune system? It contains good bacteria to help our body to digest food as well as having an impact on our appetite & mood. 

MG in Manuka Honey

Honey has always been known for its antibacterial properties and is still being used actively in wound care throughout the NHS.  In the 1980s, scientists found that Manuka Honey contains a chemical compound called Methylglyoxal, which is also commonly known as MG. This chemical compound was later classified as a prebiotic, and it helps us to grow our own prebiotics.

Manuka Honey also has other complex enzymes, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory chemical compounds, and those combined make Manuka Honey the perfect natural choice, for those with stomach or digestive complaints.

How does Manuka Honey help your digestion discomfort?

  • Helps to settle your stomach

Just one teaspoonful of manuka honey digests in your stomach and helps to remove the bad bacteria in your stomach and helps to restore the good bacteria.  It also helps to stop you feeling sick and reduce any heartburn or acid reflux you may be experiencing.

  • High levels of anti-inflammatory properties

Inflammation occurs when bacteria and pathogens enter & attack your body – more often than not, this is through your digestion system.  Your immune system reacts to the bacteria and causes inflammation which can result in bloating and discomfort.  The enzymes in Manuka Honey help to calm the stomach down by attacking the bacteria and normalising the pH level in your stomach, allowing it to go back to normal levels.

  • Lessens the pain & discomfort of IBS and other inflammatory bowel conditions

Nearly 1 in 7 adults around the world suffers severe pain from IBS.  Manuka Honey can help alleviate that pain, completely naturally without the need for prescription medication.

Most people that suffer from IBS experience, pain & discomfort in the stomach or bowels, bloating, diarrhea as well as bouts of constipation or being sick.  One teaspoonful can help to calm the inflammatory response, and makes you feel more comfortable.

  • Helps with Food intolerances

Now it’s important to say, that Manuka Honey can help with food intolerances and allergic reactions, but NOT Anaphylaxis reactions.  If you have a severe food allergy you should have Epi-pens from your Doctor to guard against this.

Having said that, a dose of Manuka Honey can help to reduce the inflammation and reaction your stomach & bowel takes against a food/drink item it’s not comfortable with.  So instead of heading for the Imodium, why not try one teaspoonful of Manuka Honey next time. It helps to not only calm down any gas or sickness you’re feeling in your stomach, but it also calms down your intestines so that you don’t get diarrhea.  Several members of our staff have had severe food allergies over the years and have now got them under control thanks to Manuka Honey.

Which type of Manuka Honey should I use?

We know it’s incredibly confusing with the different private rating systems out there (MGO, Kfactor & UMF), but, the only guaranteed rating system for Manuka Honey by the New Zealand government is Monofloral Manuka Honey or Multifloral Manuka Honey.  If the label of a pot of Manuka Honey doesn’t show either of these words, the Manuka Honey may not be genuine and doesn’t originate in New Zealand.  Each manufacturer in New Zealand has to adhere to the same tests (Manuka scientific definition test – Monofloral or Multifloral Manuka) and then gets given a license for export. 

In addition to the Monofloral or Multifloral rating systems, other private rating systems like Kfactor & UMF have been certified compliant however, the Ministry of Primary Industries (New Zealand’s equivalent to DEFRA) doesn’t think MGO is a stable enough component to be consistent in testing methods as it can be manipulated with heat exposure and time, and so it’s not recognised in the same way

How do I take Manuka Honey to help with digestion discomfort?

The best results can be achieved by using a high quality MONOFLORAL Manuka Honey (the strongest type available around the world – ignore the numbers, you just need a MONOFLORAL Manuka).  All you need to do is boil a kettle, allow the water to cool and add 1 generous teaspoonful of Manuka honey to the water and mix.  Now slowly sip it and let the Manuka enzymes work their magic!  By diluting the Manuka, you’re not killing off the enzymes, you’re just dissolving them so they can get to all parts of your stomach & bowel really easily, to stop the heightened immune response. 

How much Manuka Honey should I take a day?

If you’re in crisis, take 3 manuka honey drinks a day during an active attack (normally after meals) and 1 manuka honey drink a day when not in crisis, just for maintenance purposes.  You can have more manuka honey drinks when you’re actively having a stomach & bowel issue if needed, but our staff have found that 3 normally does the trick.  Just remember, that your stomach & bowel systems are sensitive and it doesn’t take a lot to upset the balance.  By taking 1 manuka drink a day, it helps to keep the sensitivity at bay and is great for everyday health, so it’s a win-win.

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