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Giving up Caffeine for a week and the Three Important Things we learnt

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Most of us are addicted in some small way to Caffeine….whether its via your daily cup of coffee or tea, your fizzy drink or your fruit, that natural buzz that gets us going in the morning, is very hard to resist!

So we set ourselves a challenge and “volunteered” one of our members of staff who loves her fizzy drinks.  Always bragging that she could stop and start whenever she wanted to, we thought we’d put her to the test.

And after a week, this is what we learnt:

The first thing of course, was to ignore her for first three days….

….well, actually, it was to not take things too seriously.  Her detox was intense and it made her “slightly” grumpy, which anyone who has gone on their own detox, can testify to.

After the initial detox period and the caffeine cravings had subsided, her mood seemed to lighten and she seemed calmer – there didn’t seem to be the high energy and low energy periods she had previously experienced. 

Not only that, she felt less tired, and her appetite was suppressed a little which she was pleased with and the further into the week we got, the better she felt. 

Now maybe this was because she knew our challenge was only for 7 days 😉, and that she was relishing her next caffeine fix, but what she (& we) learnt was:

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  • We all need a little “energy kick” every so often – and that a bit of caffeine whether it is natural (via fruit or honey) or not, can be good for your overall wellbeing. But be sensible, and limit yourself to a level you feel comfortable with.
  • Too much caffeine can be detrimental to your health – the rapid high energy and low energy levels can wreak havoc on your concentration levels and can make a big difference on how you’re feeling during the day.
  • Caffeine has a way of keeping your brain alert – so even after consuming that coffee or fizzy earlier in the day, your body is still on the “caffeine high” for many hours which makes it more difficult to sleep.  And sleep is one of the key things to help you have a productive day.

So, are there any “cheats” you can use to get the same feeling as caffeine without actually having caffeine?

  • Having some fruit (citrus fruits like oranges & apples) or honey, allows you to get the caffeine high, naturally, so you feel great but in a natural way.
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  • Do some exercise – by actually going for that walk at lunchtime, it kicks in the endorphins in our brains which helps us to relax and concentrate more when we’re back at our desk.

  • Have a cheat day – if you really can’t cut out caffeine, why not try and pick a day that you are allowed caffeine and then be good the rest of the week?  Sounds bizarre but it’s a bit of a mind trick in our experience.  You’re basically saying, I’m still allowed caffeine but just not today, so that when you get to your cheat day, you don’t fancy it as much….this has definitely helped our “volunteer”.

Our “volunteer” has completed our challenge successfully and is cutting down on her caffeine (by at least 50% so far over the week) and she feels better for it…..but it may just require another challenge before she becomes totally caffeine free!

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