Manuka Honey Recipe

A perfect Bee’s Knees Cocktail with manuka honey!

The signature drink “Bee’s Knees” was invented during the 1920s by an Austrian born and part Jewish legendary man named Frank Meier. Frank’s name may sound familiar because his failed attempt at assassinating Adolf Hitler has been discussed for decades, but today we want to concentrate on one of his other masterpieces – THE BEE’S KNEES cocktail, which he invented whilst bartending at the Hôtel Ritz in Paris. The Bee’s knees cocktail features honey instead of sugar and its ingredients are a mix of honey, lemon and gin. Considering it is made with only three ingredients, it easy to make yet it’s a delicious cocktail to serve a crowd for parties and other occasions. We recommend “upgrading” the cocktail by using Manuka Honey rather than just your standard honey as it adds complexity, sweetness & a healthy manuka honey “shot” to the drink whilst the lemons complement the sweetness into…

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