Honeydew Honey

How is Honeydew Honey Created?

Which tree creates most of New Zealand’s Honeydew Honey? Whilst there are a few species of trees that are used to create the rich Honeydew Honey in New Zealand, the most common variety is the Black Beech tree, which is native to the dense forests of the South Island. One of our best-selling brands, Rainbow Station, primarily collects their honeydew honey from the pristine Nelson Lakes area around Nelson City, where the environment is 1We recommend taking a spoon or two, both in the morning and the evening to give your immune system & digestion system a daily boost.   It’s the perfect addition for your breakfast routine too – you can add it to yoghurt or toast, and it makes your smoothies taste better too so what’s not to like?00% clean and unaffected by pollution and most importantly kept safe from traditional chemical pesticides.  This allows Rainbow Station to create…

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