Beeswax Candles

Benefits of having a Beeswax Candle in your house

Where does Beeswax come from? Judging by the name, beeswax from our Bee candles are made by local bees across the UK. Wax is produced in the wax glands of the bees abdomen, and once it gets exposed to the air, the wax is hardened. The hardworking bees will then start to chew the wax to build honeycomb and it also has an added benefit that it helps to keep the hive healthy and waterproof. Honeycomb is a fundamental part of the hive and its main purpose is to store pollen and honey for the hive.  Perks of keeping a Beeswax Candle They burn much longer than regular candles and because of the density of the wax, it burns slower and doesn’t flicker as much. Be careful at your placement of the beeswax candles when you’re burning it – if its on a windowsill or in a draught, it will…

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