Bee Venom

Are bees harmed in the process of extracting bee venom?

Thankfully, the answer is No. The way in which Bee Venom is harvested in a commercial environment, is to run a small electrical current over a pane of glass.  The bees are attracted to the electrical current and they then sting the pane of glass. Thankfully this means they deliver their bee venom without being harmed because their sting doesn’t need to enter any skin. The composition and strength of bee venom varies by the bee species and their location in the world, with some of the most powerful bee venom can be found in Africa. Having said that though, if you’ve ever been stung by a bee, we’d doubt you’ll be worried about the strength of the bee venom as it hurts – a lot! Bee Venom Components The peptide and non-peptide components of bee venom have multiple effects on human bodies. Bee venom can be used to contract…

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In this blog we’re going to cover how to apply the Bee-Yu Manuka Honey Face Masque.  This product was reviewed by one of our female members of staff and her words are below.  But first: WARNING – this product contains Bee Venom, so a patch test to check your sensitivity on your hand, is strongly recommended to take place 24 hours before your first application.  Should your skin go red or swell, seek immediate medical attention and inform them that Bee Venom is an ingredient in the product. Now, back to our How to Guide… So, providing the patch test was clear and you did not have any adverse reaction, you are now ready to apply this luxurious Face Masque. First, it’s important to make sure you cleanse your face and remove any impurities from the day, like make-up or your natural oils of your face.  I removed my make-up…

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BEE VENOM – NOT as Vicious as It Sounds

Bee Venom is derived from the bee stings, which they insert into their enemies when they feel threatened or intimidated. It is transparent and acidic, which mainly contains anti-inflammatory properties as well as amino acids and enzymes. So, how can Bee Venom help your health? Reduce Inflammation Bee venom is known for its anti-inflammation compounds, the main one, melittin is a powerful compound that can cause anaphylaxis reactions for those who are allergic, but it has been used traditionally particularly in China & the Far East, to reduce inflammation particularly in Joints. Help with the symptoms of Arthritis Chen, Zhou and Qin (2018) during their studies on the relationships between bee venom and arthritis, have found that Bee Venom can have a positive effect on Rheumatoid arthritis. Research conducted on 120 Rheumatoid Arthritis patients found that Bee Venom acupuncture, which used 5–15 bee stings every other day, had similar relief…

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